When it comes to the city of Pittsburgh, sports are more than just sports. Sports are a part of the culture of the Steel City, and its fan base is vocal, passionate, and loyal. I’m just one of the many Pittsburghers with a passion for our teams, and with a passion for journalism. I strive to become a professional sports journalist one day, hopefully in many ways like writing, radio, and/or television. My heart lies with the teams in the city of Pittsburgh, and I identify with the fans as I am one of them myself. I know what they want and hopefully, I can be one of the many great journalists in Pittsburgh to help provide information, insight, and knowledge for the teams of our beloved city.

My name is Chris Halicke. While I am a Pittsburgher by heart and upbringing, my home is in Dallas, Texas. I was born and raised in New Jersey, about 40 minutes west of New York City. Both of my parents are born and raised Pittsburghers, so I knew nothing but Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, so on and so forth. In January 1999, I moved to Pittsburgh and lived there until mid-2000, when I moved to Texas. The limited time I lived in Pittsburgh was more than enough time for the city and its culture to forever impact the person I am today. I still have family and close friends that live in Pittsburgh and I have other ties that keep me connected to the city. I have lived in the same suburb of Dallas from June 2000 until now. I have an Associates of Arts Degree, and soon will be transferring to a university to complete my education. I am happily married to an amazing woman who supports me wholeheartedly and unconditionally, and puts up with me through the constant nights of watching Pens games, those 3-4 hours on Sundays dedicated to the Steelers, or just about everyday from March until October covering the Buccos. I could not have asked for a better woman to spend my life with. She’s also funded several trips back to the Burgh since we have been married.

My hope for this site is for it to be a learning experience on both sides of the screen. For me, I hope it makes me a better writer, journalist, and more knowledgeable of the sports I’ve watched for my entire life so that I make this dream become a reality. It will take hard work, but I know the feedback I get will push me to become greater. For you, I hope you get what every Pittsburgh fan wants from this day in age where news travels at the speed of light: as much knowledge and insight into our teams in the 412.

Me and my wife at Heinz Field for Steelers vs Chiefs in December 2014:


You can follow me on Twitter: @chalicke 


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